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4 Pro-Bono

4 Pro Bono Opportunities

There are numerous pro bono opportunities available for volunteer counsel. A brief case description and copies of the CMECF docket are available for review on the Court’s website found at under Volunteer Opportunities located on the right side of the webpage. If you are interested in volunteering, contact information for each case is listed.FIRST PRO BONO OPPORTUNITY Pronmon et al v. Styles et al (12-80674-CIV-MARRA) Pro se Plaintiff, the owner of an international company that purchases, restores and sells classic automobiles,...

Internship and Giving Back to the Community

Today, two new interns came into our office, Craig Moncreif and Jeremy Dover. They are both attending college at the University of Miami. Craig Moncreif is in his second year, and Jeremy Dover, his third. They will part of the Lawyers to the Rescue team and will be attending some of the events at the Camillus House. Along with them, I am one of the youngest people taking part in Lawyers to the Rescue. I am looking forward to attending the...

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