Scott Kotler, Esq.

Scott Kotler, Esq.


Phone: (305) 804-2436

Scott has been very supportive of our legal clinic and very generous with his time. When we asked Scott to join us at Camillus House, Scott’s response asked was without hesitation “I’ll be there.” Sure enough, Scott got there, rolled up his sleeves and was ready to answer questions regarding criminal law.

Scott Kotler’s generosity with his time extended beyond the legal clinic. Scott was not only willing to answer questions for one of the legal clinic’s clients, but he also offered to help this individual with his case pro bono. Scott met with the client and worked on his case to help this client clear his record in order to obtain a job. He not only worked on the issues the client was facing locally in Florida, but also addressed the issues this client had in another state. When we conducted our most recent legal clinic, Scott was there again, helping answer questions and taking on more pro bono work. Scott was also willing to help a client who was facing issues with Disability Law when we did not have a disability attorney present at this clinic. He did not just say, “I know nothing about disability law,” and move on. He actually took the initiative to get this client information to find him a disability lawyer who will be able to address his issues. It is great to know that we can always count on Scott at our legal clinics.

Scott Kotler is the founder of Scott F. Kotler, P.A. in Miami, Florida, 2011- Present. Scott F. Kotler, PA is a high-volume criminal defense practice, concentrating on state felony and misdemeanor cases, including murder, fraud, robbery, sex-related cases, DUI’s, and criminal investigations.

Scott served at the Miami-Dade County State Attorney’s office from 1987 to 1991 as Assistant State Attorney, hand-picked as one of 33 prosecutors (out of 1000) by the then-State Attorney Janet Reno. There, he prosecuted various crimes including misdemeanors, DUI’s, armed robberies, frauds and murders. This is one of the busiest prosecuting offices in the country. He also tried over fifty cases to verdict, including numerous high-profile criminal cases.

In addition, aside from everything stated, Mr. Kotler takes pride and joy in being on the Board of Directors for Lawyers to the Rescue for the past eight years. While attending the monthly pro-bono legal clinic, he enjoys taking cases to help those who desperately need it.