There is something to be said about being with the broken

I am not an attorney, scientist, teacher, architect, or of any professional association. I am just a passionately curious single mom with helping hands, and great friends. So When Lawyers to the Rescue – posted the Legal Clinic. I called Mrs. Aronfeld and said she could count on me. I thought I would support LTR, with my presence. So this Saturday I showed up. MIND YOU THIS IS NOT JUST FOR THE LAW STUDENTS: IT IS FOR ALL STUDENTS; IN FACT,...

Legal Clinic

Saint Thomas University School of Law Student, Domenick Lazzara describes his experience at the legal clinic: “This weekend I had the opportunity to work with Lawyers to the Rescue at the Camillus House in Miami, Florida. While I had been invited many times by Mr. Aronfeld, I always had a prior-commitment. I can now say that the experience was well worth the wait. It is difficult to find the words to summarize how rewarding it is to use God’s blessings for...

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