Today, two new interns came into our office, Craig Moncreif and Jeremy Dover. They are both attending college at the University of Miami. Craig Moncreif is in his second year, and Jeremy Dover, his third. They will part of the Lawyers to the Rescue team and will be attending some of the events at the Camillus House. Along with them, I am one of the youngest people taking part in Lawyers to the Rescue.

I am looking forward to attending the Lawyers to the Rescue events as well, and I am beginning to understand how important it is to give back to the community and take part in charity work. I see first-hand an attorney and staff already busy at work handling all types of legal cases; however, not satisfied solely with monetary gains, they are contributing to society by helping those less fortunate.

I look forward to helping out at charity events and clinics, and I believe I will not only gain priceless experience, but also be able to log community-service hours, which is a huge plus for me on entering high school this August. I believe Lawyers to the Rescue is doing great things, and this is amazing opportunity not only for me, but also for those that would not have this help otherwise.

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